1. Hans Benson

    Hi Bryce,

    I voted for Calling and Election, but wanted to add a nuance to it if it wins out. I would like to discuss the relationship between Calling and Election (whether it is a priesthood ordinance), and the Second Comforter (seemingly follows) the CaE. At the risk of ruining any ideas that you may have, I’ll stop here in hopes that you post that and can share my ideas later when it is discussed.

  2. Hi Hans,

    Good topic. There is a lot that could be said about it. In fact, I’ve already written once about the priesthood ordinance associated with it at my post entitled, “The Culminating Sealing Ordinance of the Temple” that you might want to read. But there is much more to discuss. Robert L. Marrott has put together a good compendium of quotes on the subject on his webpage at BYU Idaho. I’m sure we’ll discuss it more here also in future posts.

  3. Hans Benson

    I will definitely take a look through your old posts to catch up. I stumbled across your blog only yesterday (and our discussion on FAIR) so I will try and work my way from oldest to newest later tonight so I stay caught up.

    BTW, I’ll try not to be so “atemporal” in future postings but I am just an amateur 🙂 that is interested in hearing what others have to say. I don’t want to cause anyone borderline pain.

  4. AM

    Dear Bryce,
    Thank you for your amazing posts and uprightness. The Blogs have needed someone upright like yourself for awhile. My suggestion would be, instead of printing a magazine and selling a subscription, compile one in PDF, that way people can print it out (thus removing the cost of printing and postage from you) eliminating the need for cost.

  5. AM,

    Thank you for your suggestions and compliments. I appreciate your ideas. The idea behind printing a magazine will be further addressed in a future post, but it boils down to allowing an easy monthly hard copy for readers who would like one, as well as other form of income for the time I spend on TempleStudy.com. While a PDF would be nice, it wouldn’t allow either of those objectives.

  6. Anastacia Prisbrey

    the Language of the Prophets was symbolism. A greater understanding, not of the Hebrew language, but of the language behind the language would be a great subject. Hebrew is ideology based. Instead of being based on words, each idea was tucked away in one of the many layers of the letters. By the context, two speakers could understand what layer the other spoke of.
    Two teachers could teach each other through understanding the language, just knowing that they were speaking on another layer.

    The whole point was, that by these symbols, each person who understood the deeper layers, would instantly understand the mind of another. Words cannot do this. They only convey ideas that are already understood.

    I know it has increased my testimony of the Book of Mormon and strengthened my belief in Joseph Smith and the foundation of this wonderful gospel based Church we enjoy.

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