1. I’m looking forward to these. I am going to checkout DB here in Mesa to see if they have these. Even better, I’ll go to Seagull books across the street to see if they are cheaper!

  2. FYI:

    At Deseret Book in Orem, they had both of those.

    Nibley was $39.99
    Madsen was $23.99

    and my wife wouldn’t give me permission to buy those…she said things like gas are more expensive

  3. Terry Foraker

    Yay!! Just in time for my birthday–I’m drooling already. (Is it just me, or is Nibley giving Tupac Shakur a run for his money in the posthumous prolificness department?)

  4. As good as this Nibley book sounds, what ever happened to “One Eternal Round” – the one about Abraham Facsimile #2, that he was working on until his death? Any clue when that might see the light of day?

  5. Zen,

    Nibley’s “One Eternal Round” is planned to be published in 2010. The editors are having to sift through 40+ boxes of notes and manuscripts for that one. It’s going to be great!

  6. Rick

    How about a review of the books? Based on a quick browse, it seems that the Madsen book may be a compilation of previously published material, much of which I already have. Any thoughts?

  7. Good question Rick. I haven’t personally looked at them yet, but I am planning on making a “Book Reviews” section of this website in the future. Anyone else?

  8. I bought the Madsen book and have browsed through it but am finishing up with some other books before I start. My worry is that he re-hashes a lot of old stuff but Truman hasn’t disappointed me yet.

    I looked at the Nibley book at DB and it seemed interesting, but the chapters seemed to be focused more on him than typical Nibley collections. While that’s not bad, I just have so many other things I want to read before I take the time to study that out and I therefore passed on it.

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