1. [Darius] prayed about it, and received personal revelation that this was the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and that he was to join

    if you had the power to change one thing, what would it be? “If I had the ability to be able to tell others about the truthfulness of the gospel, and what its done for me, truly, that’s what I would want” [paraphrased]

    So, did you like the movie, Bryce?! You pulled out the two parts (above) that I was talking about when I said you would totally feel the Spirit. Those were the two that got me all choked up (well, there were lots of others too! but those were the best imho). I had a chance to spend some time talking one on one with Darius and he is totally my hero. He is one of those people who is just the embodiment of “Return with Honor.”

    Thanks for the liveblog, this is fun.

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