1. Mark Greene

    In connection with Victor Ludow’s talk about covenants, an interesting study is the covenant of Captain Moroni in Alma 46 of the Book of Mormon.
    1. The historical preface and context of the covenant Alma 46:1-10
    2.The name of the covenant was “the title of liberty” Alma 46:13
    3. The reasons for the covenant Alma 46:12,20
    4. The stipulations of the covenant: Alma 46:20-21
    5. Those making the covenant were called “Christians” because they took on them the name of Christ. Alma 46:15,18
    6. The flag as a sign of the covenant Alma 46:19
    7. The “rending their garments in token” of the covenant Alma 46:21
    8. The penalty for breaking the covenant Alma 46:21-22
    9. The historical precedence and connection to an older covenant still in force Alma 46:23-27
    10. The witness of the covenant Alma 46:29
    Wow! This is a fascinating look at a covenant for temple study.

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