1. Steve

    That is soooo cool. I can’t even imagine the work that went into producing that model. I mean, the real thing is a lot more impressive, but even so. I think this is a great way to let people get a feel for the temple in a way that is more real that some kind of video or interactive video of some kind.

  2. WOW – LOVE THE VIDEO. I saw photos in my local newspaper this morning and was blown away – but the video is especially cool. I can’t wait to take my family down to see this! What a marvelous tool for members and non alike to learn more about the temple, and to get to experience and appreciate the stunning beauty of this historic building. [OK, I know it would never happen, but wouldn’t it be so cool to be able to purchase a “limited edition” miniature of the replica? 🙂 ]

    I hope this is just the beginning of scale models being built. How cool would it be if models of other temples were placed in their respective visitors centers around the world? What a powerful tool this is to educate and edify. The next logical choice would be the Washington DC Temple…

  3. Thanks, Bryce, for posting this. That is much cooler than I thought it would be! I didn’t imagine that they were going to show the insides of the temple with so much detail! What they’ve done here is truly amazing. I imagine it will be helpful for those visitors who are not members of the Church as well, so they have the opportunity to see what is inside the temple. I think this was a great idea!

  4. Chuck

    What a great idea! I think that putting the entire temple on display, and letting people see into every room, is very disarming and shows that we mean what we say about the distinction between secret and sacred.

  5. My wife & I went and saw it last week. Its really amazing. Its so cool to get to see where everything is in relation to everything else. We were in that Temple district at one time, so we’ve been through it many times, but its hard to get the layout straight in your head. Plus its very neat to see the other rooms that we don’t get to see as regular attenders, such as the solemn assembly room.

    I recommend going during the day on a weekday if you can swing it. We went on a weeknight and there was a small line, plus people lined up behind us, so we didn’t feel we could just stand and look for very long.

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