1. Jonathan N

    Nice job on the high contrast images! However, I did follow those links but never found these photos.

  2. Merlin Fields

    Let us all pray that these artifacts do not fall into the hands of the Vatican.
    We will never learn the truth of what these books have to reveal, if they do

  3. Restored Gospel Evid

    Before we get all worked up over this alleged “discovery,” we ought to be cautious enough to, as pointed out by Bryce, to wait for them to be authenticated. Let’s wait to see what tests, translations, authentication methods show. Plus, let them first be considered by scholars, forge detectors, scientists, ancient language experts, & others who may be able to determine if they are real, or fakes. The buzz word on the Net, as of 4-11-2011, is that they are fakes. If so, someone, or a number of people must have spend a lot of time to forge 70 books! If they are not fakes, who made them & for what reasons? Let’s not forget that we’ve had Mark Hoffman types throughout history. There’s another obvious fake, the so-called “Book of Hagoth,” he’s the guy that went up into the northern lands of North Americas(?), by boats, (Alma 63:5-8). As with everything else, not only should caution be used, but also spiritual discernment & prayer too.


    FAIR LDS Apologists have noted other forgeries & caution the Church to be careful.

    In 1913, the 1st Presidency of the Church warned & cautioned about counterfeit to the gospel & spiritual gifts. (A Warning Voice,” Official Letter, quoted by Harold B. Lee, Conference Report, April, 1970, p. 55).

    In April 1970, Lee gave a talk about sensational stories, dreams, etc., that spread like fire fire throughout the church, at times. He cautions the Church to be careful about possible counterfeit spiritual gifts, etc., (Conference Report, April 1970, p. 55-56). Gerald N. Lund, The Coming of the Lord, (SLC, Ut: Bookcraft, 1971), 10-11.

    So let’s be careful, cautions & wait a bit & see how these new discoveries turn out. Besides, it’s not like we don’t already have a lot of evidences of writings on metals, etc., right?

    However, if you want Temple Evidences, study early to later Christian writings & art works. There are tons of evidences in these areas of study.

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