1. They talk about that in the United Order episode. Here are my notes:

    Some believe we abandoned the law in Nauvoo because of the minutes found in one of the meetings in an Iowa council meeting. Joseph was not advocating we stop living the law. He was trying to bridle some overzealous. But Joseph intended in Nauvoo to keep the law of consecration. He had the quorum of the Twelve to oversee the building of the temple, for the Saints to tithe and consecrate for the building of the temple. They consecrated on scraps of paper.

  2. Mitch

    Bryce, Larrin, and anyone else who may be interested:

    I just wanted to say to Bryce, good work on all of this! I want to thank you for getting this out to more Latter-day Saints.

    Steve Harper is my mentor and we have been working on this research for quite some time. I was able to give a paper on this very subject (i.e. the Iowa HC minutes from 1839-1840 and the 20 affidavits of consecration in Nauvoo in 1842) at the recent Mormon History Association meeting held in Calgary this last summer. I hope to publish an article in the near future. But, I did want to point you to an article I published in BYU Studies that published transcriptions of the 20 Nauvoo Consecration Affidavits from the summer of 1842. Here is the link if you would like to purchase the piece (please note, Sherilyn and I do not get any funds from this, I just wanted to apprise you of the article): https://byustudies.byu.edu/showTitle.aspx?title=8737


  3. Tom D

    I would like to put in an unsolicited plug for the “Past Impressions” series on the Mormon Channel. I discovered this series on LDS history a few months ago while surfing around the Mormon Channel for good and free stuff to listen to while commuting. I listened first to a couple of episodes about the Joseph Smith Translation and the Book of Abraham and then decided to start the whole series from the beginning. It has been a blast!

    I strongly recommend this series to anyone who wants to know more church history and better understand the background of our modern scriptures. In some ways my highest praise for it to say that I have several times been inspired to open up the Doctrine and Covenants and restudy the sections referenced in the series. I’m currently about half way through the series and am pleased to see that new episodes keep being added to it. I hope they keep up the good work!

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