1. Troy Marsh

    This “pearl” of great price is the most beautiful doctrines. It is a powerful and transforming idea only if we truly tap into the reality of it. Many other sacred traditions discuss the idea of the divine spark in man or man as god incarnate. Some speak of it and others discuss how to become more like God such as living with the positive virtues we find in the life of Christ. Traditions older than Christianity speak of the rainbow body or the golden dragon body to describe how radiant one may become as we tap into this divine spark that we all have. Thanks for this article.

  2. Personally, I find the doctrine the most obvious conclusion if one examines the implications of the atonement. To ignore the implications seem a bit like me to someone hearing about the birds and the bees but still insisting that babies are delivered by storks.

    Why perfect man? I understand why people think the idea is blasphemous, but the objections just don’t hold any water to me.

    So we’re going to have a bunch of immortal beings clothed with glory in resurrected bodies with non functioning reproductive organs, unmarried and sitting around singing songs forever? Yes, I’m really oversimplifying it but think about it, is having a spouse and children an evil thing? We experience that here, why not there and why not in a state of greater joy?

    When Isaac became a father, did it lessen Abraham? On the contrary, the entire Abrahamic covenant had at its core the promise of endless posterity. So are Abraham’s blessings greater than God’s? Why cannot God raise heavenly posterity? Perhaps the Abrahamic covenant is a reflection of heavenly blessings in an earthly form.

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