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  1. The rites of the Israelite Tabernacle and Temples were esoteric or mysterious to the common people. As they all
    pointed to the coming of the Messiah Jesus. The High Priest entering the Holiest of Holy on Day of Atonement
    must have seemed esoteric, because only He and the other Priests and Levites knew what transpired. So also
    in the rites of the Egyptian temples at Thebes and Luxor, the inner sanctum being reserved for the Pharoah and
    the priests.
    So today the rites that take place in the L.D.S. temples may seem esoteric or mysterious to those not of the Church. Even though the rites themselves are not just ancient,so far as this earth, they have been around for
    the Saints from before the foundation of the world. All are symbolic and they lead to the eternal progress of
    those who participate in them on condition of keeping all the covenants made,to be able to receive more in the
    next step and beyond. All L.D.S. ordinances, just like the Hebrew, point to Jesus Christ,see Temple Worship
    by Andrew Skinner,Rational Theology by John Widtsoe, God’s Greatest Gift by Theodore Burton and Nibley’s
    Temple and Cosmos.

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