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  1. What Brother Skinner teaches should really be no surprise. In the pre-earth life we had all this explained, not only
    was it explained,we saw Father in his resurrected body. We saw and wanted the same, the same way and plan that
    enabled Him is what we call the Plan of Salvation or the Gospel.
    He went through mortality millions of years ago, had partaken of the ordinances and got the blessings. I would
    suggest one read what Wilford Woodruff said ,see Temples of the Most High by Lundwall,p.386; J.D. vol.4:192-3.
    How was Heavenly Father exalted? Without the Gospel and the ordinances,it could not be.
    The Gospel or the Plan of Salvation and Exaltation is an Eternal Plan,he (they) had to start at baptism and to have
    had what we call temple ordinances,etc.,millions even hundreds of millions of years ago to even get to the resurrection and exaltation to be able to continue the line. So Brother Skinner is correct and logical in his book.
    The Plan is that we will be able to continue that eternal line forward by doing what Father and Jesus did,without
    the Atonement we could not do it.

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