1. Brent

    The Bible Dictionary is clear that the atonement is Jesus overcoming Physical and Spiritual death. There is no such thing as the Atonement and the Resurrection. You cannot be at one without both. Indicating that they are separate is a misunderstanding of the doctrine.

  2. The two: Atonement and Resurrection are intertwined. See Alma 40 and 41st chapters. Another good source is
    John Taylor’s “Mediation and Atonement”, published in 1882.
    He states in chapter 25,page 179,” The penalty of the transgression of the law was the death of the body. The
    atonement made by Jesus Christ resulted in the resurrection of the human body. It’s scope embraced all people,nations and tongues.
    “For all my Lord was crucified, For all,for all my Savior Died”.
    This is one part of the restoration. This is the restoration of the body. How ,and in what manner are men benefitted by the atonement and by the resurrection? In this, that the atonement having restored man to his former position
    before the Lord,it has placed him in a position and made it possible for him to obtain that exaltation and glory
    which it would have been impossible for him to have recieved without it; even to become a son of God by
    The atonement was needed that we not only will be resurrected in the body, but restored to a right relationship
    to Jesus and Heavenly Father.

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