1. Did someone let Andrew Lloyd Webber know so he can re-write his play? 🙂

    Great post, Bryce.

    I enjoy your blog, especially since I cannot find my Nibley collection. Somewhere, in the dark corners of my garage, sits a box filled with Nibley books. I hope to find it someday soon.

  2. lol… I’m not sure Webber would have much of a play without the multi-colored coat. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting Brian. I wish I had more time to read Nibley. I’ve only read a few of the collected works. So much material… so little time.

    BTW, I’ve almost got that guest post finished.

  3. Very interesting read. Thank you for the reference!

    An interesting additional insight I gained was that the tradition of this garment, according to Tha’labi, was that it also

    was originally a heavenly garment, had once belonged to Abraham, still retained a heavenly odor, and had healing powers. (Hauglid, “Garment of Joseph: An Update”)

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