Monthly Archives: February 2009

Man Builds Massive Model of Herod’s Temple

The Telegraph reported today about a man from Norfolk, England, who has spent the last 30 years building an awesome, gigantic and highly detailed scale model of Herod’s Temple.  Here are some interesting facts about it: Estimated 33,000 hours to construct Measures 20ft by 12ft Includes 4,000 tiny human figures, with authentic time-period dress 1:100 […]

Power in the Right Hand

I have been thinking recently about the power, significance, and symbolism of using our arms, particularly our right arm or hand.  I’m not sure what it is that gives this power to the way we use our arms and hands, but there is a fundamental force that comes from using them.  It could be that […]

Orson Scott Card on Hugh Nibley & C.S. Lewis

Orson Scott Card wrote a great article today on Mormon Times, highlighting the tremendous influence that Hugh Nibley and C.S. Lewis have had on his “Christian education” over the years, but particularly when he was younger. I couldn’t agree more with his feelings about the impact that these two scholars have had.  I’ve particularly been […]

Answering Questions about Mormonism

A few months ago we showed a TV news story of an interview with a missionary who, how should we say, didn’t quite know how to answer questions about the Church or the temple, and which just left more suspicion and misunderstanding than it dispelled.  We concluded that we must have a good grasp of […]

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