Hi, thanks for the update.
    I hope that for the sake of people (like me), who don’t use google+, or have access to the manual (yet); a summary will be posted?

  2. Hi Francis! You don’t have to have a Google+ account or access to the book. The discussion will take place live in a video format directly on TempleStudy.com that anyone can watch. Just visit TempleStudy.com at 7:30pm on Sunday, and you’ll be able to listen in! If you can’t listen in at that time, the discussion will also be recorded, and available for watching after the fact. So no worries. 🙂

  3. Great! It will be 7:30pm MDT (Mountain). I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Anyone can simply come to TempleStudy.com at that time to view the broadcast.

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