1. I have to admit, I’m very jealous that I wasn’t included. But otherwise this is very exciting news. I have many ideas for great papers, and depending on the acceptance of my manuscript, I might be able to offer a great deal of material to Interpreter very soon.

    I did have an idea for a series. I thought since this is a new FARMS perhaps they, (I almost put “we” because I feel that invested), could do a series of articles that were inspired by the old FARMS material. For instance, I have several papers that were directly inspired by Hugh Nibley, and several others chapters from other FARMS material. I’m sure I’m not the only one that can say the same. Since this is a symbolic changing of the guard it might make a good special collection or edition.

  2. Kenneth Nielsen

    Dr. Peterson’s talk this afternoon was great. We hope that there will be some impact on the situation that has been created by the “new hires”.

  3. Hi Morgan! One of the goals of this new journal is that it will try to encompass the writings of many many scholars. Get in touch with Daniel Peterson, and we may very well see some of those papers in the Interpreter journal!

  4. Ric P.


    For all of us who have appreciated the work of FARMS and MI for many years, we thank you for your talent and sacrifice. I expect it will be a gift that bears delicious fruit.

  5. Congrats, Bryce! Being the “baby” on the new board, means we are training the next generation to take over. We are in good hands.

    Very nice set up for the Mormon Interpreter. Nice work done very quickly.

    Two things for the Interpreter site: Kindle Mobi is not showing as a link at the top right.
    You should have a link to info on how to submit a paper. Requirements for the paper, and contact/place to submit info should be readily available….or should it?

    When I have time, I may have to consider preparing a paper. There are a few things I’ve been pondering that may work for a paper.

  6. Thank you very much all! I really appreciate it.

    Rameumptom, the Kindle Mobi format is not available as a podcast or feed, that is why it doesn’t show at the top-right (the top-right list is just for subscriptions and feeds). Mobi is only available as a stand-alone download from the right-hand side of each article. It is available (or will be soon) from the Kindle Store as a “Kindle Blog,” that you can search for and subscribe to automatically receive updates wirelessly over Whispernet. You can read more about all of the formats and feeds.

    I will ask the Board about submissions. I’m unsure they want to do that at this point (they have a lot of papers already stacked ready to go!). I suspect if we do that, it will be through the contact form.

  7. Alece

    All I can say is “Wahoo!” So happy to hear all of this.

    I have only one question at this time — is there going to be a printing of the papers from the VERY recent 2012 FAIR Conference???

  8. This is awesome! I have a PhD in Physics not ancient scripture or more relevant fields like that so I never know how to contribute to Mormon Studies… But if I could ever figure out something to contribute one day “This is the place” I would like to. And in the mean time I am very excited to read.

  9. Mike Bennion

    Congratulations on this wonderful new venture. May it be the start of many good things.

  10. Brent Hall

    From one from the FARMS golden years I want to say “Well done”! I am positive that Brother Nibley is pleased. Blessings on all you do.

    Brent Hall

  11. John Harrison

    I look forward to seeing what is published. Bryce, could you look at how the site renders on mobile devices? It is difficult to navigate on my iPhone.

  12. John, a “mobile version” of the site should come up automatically on your iPhone. It does on mine, but I’ve had others report the same issue as you, so I’m looking into the issue. Thanks for reporting it!

  13. Tim Quezada

    Bryce, God bless you for the work you’ve put into this. It’s good to see my generation stepping up and continuing along the way set by so many before us. Your testimony and efforts don’t go unnoticed.

    As someone who often insists on hard copies, I appreciate the Journal using MagCloud. Will the papers ever be compiled into numbered volumes available for subscription? It would be nice to simply receive them in the mail once enough papers have gone through, or to receive a new volume automatically every few months or so, per the subscription. Is there any potential of that happening?

  14. Thank you Tim. The papers will be compiled into numbered volumes, which will also be available in a bound print from MagCloud too. I don’t believe MagCloud offers a subscription (as in recurring purchases) of titles. But you can subscribe to a feed which will notify you of new titles as they become available for purchase:

    I will ask MagCloud about the subscription model. It seems like that would be a natural feature of a magazine print-on-demand service.

  15. You are welcome Bryce. It is an exciting endeavor. And we will have the complete audio recording completed very soon! (what is there now is the first 2 pages)

    Though Bryce may be gushing here about a few things, and thinks he is a novice, many of you who read this blog/site will know he has a significant amount of knowledge in his head, especially about temples. But I also think he is being a bit humble. He is the smartest person I know, and one of the hardest working (if you can’t tell), especially when he has a passion for something. As you can see, he has a passion for this, so watch out! Not only did he create all the technology behind the new site, he also is responsible for the graphical look and feel and all the CSS, templates, and themes of the website.

    I’m not sure the adversary was causing the server bugs we encountered, but I’m glad we were able to fix the initial system problems. I actually do feel like I was inspired to find the obscure, VERY strange bug in my server, after spending several hours with the web hosting company scratching their heads with me over it.

    We all will work to make this new site the best!

  16. John Harrison


    I now get to the mobile version by default. Much more legible.

    May I suggest that you would want the “normal” version of the site to render in a way that is usable on mobile as well? It looks very nice on my laptop.

  17. sidrat al-muntaha

    Congratulations Bryce! What an incredible opportunity! I’ve already bookmarked the new site on my phone and laptop and look forward to digging into some great articles…

  18. Larrin

    I agree that with the right programming the full site could be rendered to fit with mobile which would look much more attractive and professional.

  19. Thanks everyone. I agree the mobile version can look better. We will be working on all aspects of the journal’s design and features going forward, to make them the absolute best.

  20. David McRae

    If I may offer up a suggestion. What is the chance to have the authors themselves do the audio for the podcasts?

  21. That’s a great question, David. Larger publishing companies may have the resources to do this, which is great. The logistical challenges may not make it feasible for Interpreter in the short term as we get going.

  22. Chad

    The journal looks great. I wonder if this is the first journal to exist with a purpose to bring scholarship into the 21st Century via mobile and web accessibility. The hyperlinks are pretty amazing as well. I’m very excited for how this will go.

    Also, you can charge more than cost for printing the journals. Non-profits need to pay staff and the government understands that.

  23. Jack


    I hope this is just a beginning for you. I hope the day will come when you will be engaged in this kind of work full-time. This is a worthy labor and surely the laborer is worthy of his hire.


  24. Chris Kirkland

    I couldn’t be happier. I am only a few years older than you Bryce, but have been a fan of FARMS since I returned home from my mission too. I still have a collection of many FARMS papers, which used to be sold stapled together and shrink wrapped at the BYU Bookstore and at Deseret Book. I’ve also got several leather bound and other volumes, which I consider by far some of my “best books”. I’ve chaired 2 BYU alumni chapters (DC and SLC) and I always tried to schedule FARMS people to come speak. We had Dan present to some middle-eastern ambassadors at a packed DC Temple Visitor’s Center once. I would LOVE to be involved somehow. Tell Dan I said “hello”. PS – I only recently became more endeared to the genius of Bro. Nibley. I read “The World and the Prophets” and “Nibley on the Temple, himself, and others” in the last 12 months. Both were amazing, and you can get them for free at the Maxwell Institute.

  25. Sounds like we’re struck from the same mold! It’s good to become acquainted with others who feel the same as you. We have had a tremendous outpouring of support from many quarters. If there is something you can do to assist or be involved, I’m sure we will put out the requests. Currently we are accepting donations, because as Dan put it on Friday, we are “broke without a penny” (or at least we were then). If you’d like to contribute, then that is a very big help currently, as we get our operations off the ground:

  26. Raven

    Chris, I think my husband meant to say that you are struck from the same mould. Unless there is some inside joke re: fungus that I don’t know about? 😉

  27. janice

    I am new to sites promoting LDS beliefs and apologetics. I don’t mean to rehash. I have read the apologetics of other religions and their style of answering, commenting, discussing, etc. is no different than what Dan Peterson and the others at FARMS did. The critics and enemies of the church and the work of Dan Peterson et al aren’t interested in true apologetics.

  28. Bryce – Congratulations. I haven’t been able to follow recent happenings at FARMS/Maxwell Institute since I’ve been out of town on business and then on vacation, but you are involved in a very important endeavor. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Thanks.


  29. I am so glad you shared this, and I love that you have this new journal. Great idea. I follow Daniel Peterson’s blog as well. Hugh Nibley had an impact on my life and my testimony of the gospel. I sat in on a few of his classes after I had graduated, read many of his books, still re-read them. I went to his home and a family night at his house in Provo one time. My brother-in-law, Richard Holzapfel (now a prof at BYU) introduced me to him. I have all Nibley’s published audio lectures on mp3 now and listen to him whenever I can’t sleep. I am always learning new things. He opens the gate and I can see some of the mysteries with Bro. Nibley. Love his sense of humor too. I have transferred all my old audio files from cassette into mp3 and have them on my site to share (I know he would approve). If you are ever looking for any, check here: http://www.eveoutofthegarden.com/p/hugh-nibley-mp3.html

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