1. jenvan

    Really fabulous “fireside.” I would enjoy having something like this once or twice a month. So much great info.

  2. Robert Dishroon

    Dear Google Temple Fireside Chat Team:

    Great job on putting together something original. Firesides have gone by the wayside in recent years since I going the church. I always enjoyed the presentation of the scriptures, great text, discussion and a general desire to ‘seek ye the best things” (D&C 109:7).

    The conversation got to a slow start but once it picked up; it was worth it. One item I liked the most was the citing of sources: books, articles and discourses by modern prophets.

    I have read Skinner’s book a while back, but this group has engaged me in reading it again as you use it as the base text for the conversation.

  3. jack

    I would like to view the discussions
    all i get is a black box
    i cannot seem to find a play button
    what do i do

  4. Coln Ramsbottom


    Just to say that your templestudy.com site has fans on this side of the Atlantic (UK). I have enjoyed the first two firesides about the temple and look forward to listening to the next one you’ve just posted. I can’t remember if it was during the firesides or one of your web pages that the recommended reading for a forthcoming Temple symposium was suggested – “Temple Theology- An Introduction” by Margaret Barker. I ordered it, it arrive this morning and I’ve finished it already! – I couldn’t put it down…Amazing reading…what insights from someone who is not even a member!
    I particularly liked her comparison about the days of creation with features/layout of the Temple (pg16-19). I don’t know what you make of it, but may I suggest this might be an interesting addition to your Temple blog?
    Thanks for your great site and the insights you have shared about Temple related matters.

    Colin Ramsbottom, Yeovil, England

  5. Thank you Colin. To be quite honest, I haven’t read Temple Theology yet. I know, it’s a shock to myself as well. I’m still trying to get to Temple Themes in Christian Worship, although perhaps I should start with Temple Theology. If only I could go home and read. Sigh.

  6. Sean W

    Maybe I just can’t see it, but are there show notes? I know there were quite a few quotes read and some books that were referenced. Can we get some show notes?

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