“Temple on Mount Zion” Conference Flyer

Flyer for "The Temple on Mount Zion" Conference

Flyer for “The Temple on Mount Zion” Conference

The Interpreter Foundation is sponsoring “The Temple on Mount Zion” Conference coming up later this month on September 22, 2012, and which will take place at the Provo Public Library, in Provo, Utah.  To spread the word about this conference, there is a flyer now available to download, print, share, email, and post online.  I think this conference will be excellent, and I recommend that you take a moment now to post this flyer wherever you can to help others learn about it.

You can click here to get to the downloadable flyer.  Or, if you would simply like to share the flyer on Facebook, please use the sharing buttons below. Click on the “Recommend” button to post the link to the flyer with a comment on your Facebook profile. Click on the “Send” button to send the flyer to a specific person, group, or email address:

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