1. Mike

    It is actually quite astounding how many times and how well the temple ceremonies (ancient and modern) are portrayed in movies. The three movies that show it best are The Matrix Reloaded, The Lady in the Water and Sucker Punch (in that order).
    The Matrix scene is where Neo goes to see the Oracle but is first tested by Seraph. There are amazing symbols from beginning to end which underline that the writers/directors knew what they were doing (I can enumerate it all if interested)
    The Lady in the Water has a scene where the “prophet” type is in the holy of holies (shower) and others remain without but seek wisdom. The positions and separations are accentuated by the camera angles and direction. And in one of the final scenes, the group prays over The Lady in a tight group to heal her.
    Finally, of all the movies, this one is more an allegory of the temple story. It is not as precise in its detail, but the whole film is a great portrayal of the path to paradise and how wencan only arrive with love and sacrifice. The final scene shows the protagonist being confronted by two policemen who are preventing her from escaping on a bus. She is vouched for by the bus driver and is allowed to get in the bus to “paradise”.

  2. Mike, can I take you up on that offer? Please elaborate in as much detail as you want on the symbolism in that Seraph/Oracle scene (heck, and in the other scenes you mentioned). Thanks!

  3. JG

    As one who was initiated in the girls Order of the Rainbow’s, the stepping stone to Eastern Star, (the order for boys is de Molay after a Knights Templar member and stepping stone to Masonry), these organizations also do what the matriculation ceremony does. The initiate is allowed in without knowledge but after being allowed in the initiate is then instructed in knowledge of how the order works, why, and what is expected.
    I do not know if Oddfellows and Rebekahs do what Masons and Eastern Star do.

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