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  1. When each of us were baptized by one having authority, we took upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ. As each
    of us keep the commandments and take the Sacrament,we renew that,becoming more like the Savior.
    To take upon ourselves the name of Christ,we become more like Him. In John 17, the divine Name is very important, the Greek word for name is “onoma” , the Hebrew word is “Shem” ; in verse 26,the Lord says he
    declared to the disciples the name of the Father. This is His mission,from before the foundation of the world.
    A reference for the importance of the Name, please see the book,”In His Holy Name” by Robert Millet and
    Joseph Fielding McConkie, Bookcraft, 1988.
    As followers of Christ,we take his name upon us, no matter what nation, kindred,or male or female.

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