1. A lot of the “Mystery” religions who claim to have had esoteric doctrine divided things up into 3 levels or 3 degrees. From the Druids, to the Mithras, even the Jews.
    At the very least, religions have always had a three tiered universe of Spirit World where the Dead go, Terrestrial Earth where we are now, and Heavenly Abode of the Gods. Nibley mentions this in many writings.
    Three is often seen as a important number.

  2. David Larsen

    Thank you, Bryce, for writing this piece. Dr. Andrei Orlov is recognized world-wide for his Enoch scholarship, and I believe it is very helpful for Latter-day Saint research. I hope that his research can be an inspiration for us to delve deeper into the rich Enoch tradition (as well as other pseudepigraphal works) and realize just how amazing the treasures Joseph Smith passed on to us really are.

  3. You’re welcome David. Dr. Orlov’s research looks very interesting. I hope to be able to delve into more of what he has written. Little is said in the Bible about Enoch, but latter-day revelation has given us much more. Joseph Smith was going out on a limb revealing so much about Enoch when not much had been said before concerning him, but it is fascinating that the pseudepigraphal works that are just now being discovered largely confirm Joseph’s revelations.

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