1. That is a great lecture! Are they going to video all of them and put them online?

    Personally, I don’t see why everyone gets worked up over the issue of Joseph looking into a hat when translating. Does it matter? The Lord works in whatever way and method He wishes. I receive my personal revelation in different ways than others, so I don’t see a problem with Joseph having the gift of being a seer in a unique and individual way.

  2. I imagine that FAIR will video as many as they can, and if they are allowed to by the guest speaker (Br. Petersen “didn’t much like it”).

    It was a great lecture! I don’t think a lot of people realize that Joseph didn’t even look at the plates much of the time during translation. He didn’t have to. The translation was given to him through the seer instruments. This translation was unlike any other scholarly translation. Joseph didn’t need to look at the original text and then somehow interpret it. He was given the translation.

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