1. David Larsen

    Great find, Bryce! I’m glad Margaret Barker’s wonderful research is receiving some much-deserved attention. The book that Welch is quoting from is “Temple Themes in Christian Worship,” Barker’s most recent book (2007). It is a great book, as are all her others. BYU has been so impressed with Margaret Barker that they have asked her to speak at a number of conferences, including the 2007 SBL session on Mormons and the Bible, where she spoke on Melchizedek.

  2. Thanks David! I’ve updated the post with the information about the book. I’m so behind on my reading. There just isn’t enough time in the day!

    Are the SBL session talks available anyplace, such as the one Barker gave on Melchizedek?

  3. Welch’s comments were given on Mar 5 in London at a conference about Margaret Barker’s new book, Temple Themes. It was not an SBL session. SBL is the Society of Biblical Literature–the flagship scholarly organization for the study of the Bible.

  4. Amanda

    If you are interested in reading some of Margaret Barker’s papers before purchasing her books, there are a significant number of them published on her website, margaretbarker.com. They will be found under the tab ‘papers.’ I highly recommend the 1994 paper, “Atonement: the Rite of Healing” and “Belonging in the Temple” from 2007. I have not found a published copy of her presentation on Melchizedek, and would appreciate any leads. I have read all of her recent books and some of her older ones. Each book, by her own admission, builds on the previous ones. I agree with the comment following your “Modern Temple…Old Testament” article that The Hidden Tradition of the Kingdom of God is one of her best books. Also, at 130 pages, it is one of the most concise. Bookfinder.com lists several places where it may be purchased online for about $25.

  5. I never answered your question about Margaret Barker’s SBL presentation on Melchizedek. I am planning to put my notes from it on my blog sometime soon, but I’m still looking to see if a full copy is available anywhere. The many BYU professors that were there would probably know better about the availability of the papers that were read at that session. Dr. Jared Ludlow was the moderator for the session, so you may want to contact him. Also, you may be able to contact Margaret Barker herself about it through her website http://www.margaretbarker.com.

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