1. Wow, that is the most powerful message on this subject that I have ever seen. The Video “Pioneers in Africa” is the only other production that even comes close. We should all remember what Bro. Gray says: that there is a sweet spirit that comes when we put race and ethnicity aside.

  2. Another way to look at the Priesthood being extended to men who are worthy no matter what race is this. The
    Lord through revelation made possible the people of Africa to hear the Gospel taught to them by men of their own
    nation, and to hear it in their native tongue,fulfilling prophecies in not just the Bible,but the other Standard Works.
    This is just another evidence of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.
    Thus the temple blessings and Priesthood can be sent to all the nations,to fill the whole world like the stone mentioned in the second chapter of Daniel’s prophecy. And that the generations of men and women of all nations
    can be sealed to their ancestors and posterity,as prophesied by Malachi.

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