1. It has to have more original insights first, and not just short commentaries on long quotes from other research. I know, I know, I have said that before. Just thought I would say it again in a post directly related to the comment. Oh, and the articles would have to be much longer to be worth the purchase.

  2. If I did a printed edition it would be precisely the same content that is here on the blog, perhaps adding the comments too. I spend all my available time reading, researching, and writing for TempleStudy.com, so there would not be anything different in the printed edition than is here online. I try to write as much original content and insight as I can, but I believe that much has already been written that has been absorbed so very little that I will still quote from other research extensively. I feel very much like Nibley did:

    I’m no expert. . . . I have to keep quoting documents all the time and letting them speak for me, because I don’t know any of this stuff. (Gillum, Of All Things!, transcript of interview by Louis Midgley, “Nibley the Scholar,” 8.)

    What the printed edition would provide is a hard copy for people to read off-screen and off-line, keep on their bookshelf, give as a gift to a friend or family member or to someone preparing to go to the temple, have as a reference, or just as an additional way to support my work at TempleStudy.com.

  3. Carol Hakanson

    I probably wouldn’t buy a printed copy, only because I can’t afford the extra expense; but I think it’s a great idea for those who can afford it.

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