1. So, considering the time difference between Provo and Oxford, it would be near impossible to attend both the SANE symposium and Barker’s. Too bad. But it’s ok to dream, right?

  2. Bill Hamblin also informed me today that the Temple Study group at the SBL this November is mostly going to be a business meeting, with organization and administration of the new group, without any papers presented per se. So I guess we’ll wait until next year to go to that one. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link, Bryce. I hope to meet you and many of your readers there at BYU. And I also wish I could make it to Margaret Barker’s conference the next day, as well. If I any of my trees start growing money, maybe I’ll be able to. It doesn’t help that Nov. 7 is my 10th wedding anniversary, as well. My wife would be even more upset if besides taking a trip to Utah I also went to England! I surely hope it is taped or that the papers are published!

  4. maklelan

    Just so everyone is aware, we’ve had three changes to the schedule. Bryan Kerr will no longer be presenting in the Egypt session, but Kerry Muhlestein will take his place with Alyssa Lewis, presenting on the role of violent rituals in the Egyptian Temple. Seth Kohrman has also withdrawn, and Aaron Snyder will take his place, presenting on the prayer circle in early Christianity. Daniel McClellan is the last to withdraw, and he will be replaced by Donald Parry, presenting a paper entitled “Eve, Eden, and the Temple.” An updated schedule is available here:


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