1. Mark Greene

    In D&C 103 Zion’s Camp is curiously compared with the Camp of Israel. Verse 18 states, “as your fathers were led at first, even so shall the redemption of Zion be.” Even the leader of Zion’s Camp was “like as Moses who led the children of Israel” (vs. 16).
    In this comparison, the Lord established again the pattern for the redemption of Zion. While Zion or the promised land is the goal, the way to it always leads through Mount Sinai or through the mountain of the Lord’s house.
    The reason for this path through the temple is that in the temple we experience and learn purity, unity, and equality, three essential characteristics of Zion. Even more, in the temple we are endowed with “power from on high” (D&C 105:11). This power is important because we cannot live in Zion without it.
    The power from on high that the Lord endows “those whom [He] has chosen” (D&C 95:8) is “the love of the Father” (D&C 95:12). This is precisely why we are given “power to built [a temple]” (D&C 95:11,13 compare 1 John 2:15). We could not live in Zion without this love as evidenced by 4 Nephi 1:15.
    Since Zion has not been redeemed, Zion’s Camp marches on today in the Church. The Lord’s pattern and path for the redemption of Zion continues today through the temple. For me, this “promise of the Father” (D&C 95:9) is the greatest work of the temple.

  2. Hi Mark – There does appear to be a pattern for the redemption of Zion which leads “through Mount Sinai or through the mountain of the Lord’s house.” And being endowed with power from on high seems to be one of the qualifications for a Zion-like society.

    It’s interesting you mention the “redemption of Zion” in your comments. I’d been thinking about this of late and reread Orson Pratt’s comments on this subject (see my post Redemption of Zion). It appears we have many challenges ahead of us and that some will be called to live the higher principles of the gospel prior to the reorganization of Zion’s Camp. Like you, I can’t think of a better preparation for what lies ahead than the temple.

    Thanks for a great post and wonderful insight into the importance of temple work. Personally, I’m getting excited for the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple just a mile from our home.

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