1. The “get mp3” link on the Kennedy Center website doesn’t seem to be working for me in either IE or Chrome. Does anyone have it, or know how to get it to work?

    Thanks for the heads up Bryce, I’m excited to listen.

  2. Steve

    Really fantastic stuff. I’m going to share this for sure. It really is a sad thing that symbolism of a sacred nature means almost nothing to most people in our day and age. I always find myself in the temple counting things and comparing what I find with the surroundings. The temple is a building you can ‘read’ wherever you are at, both inside and outside. Like the scriptures, the symbols never change, but as our own understanding changes, the symbols take on new and deeper meanings until we encounter the truth beyond the symbol.

  3. Sheila Woods

    Thank you Bryce for fixing this so I could view this lecture. Wow! It was great. I just wish he could have gone into more detail. I guess I’ll just have to find the book. Also the book from Keith Steppen that he mentioned. Thanks again, Sheila Woods PD Thanks for your fantastic site

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