1. Raven

    What an interesting observation. I admit, I hadn’t really thought of the surprise element that seems to accompany so many accounts of revelation received. I really like that C.S. Lewis quote–what could me more unexpected then the Lord choosing to restore His great truths to a boy prophet in upstate New York? Not to mention how unexpected it all was for the boy himself! Thanks for the new perspective, Toby.

  2. Rebekah

    Glad that the owner of the blog is okay. Gave me a chance to go over other past blogs and explore other content.

    This reminds me of Sunday School yesterday. Our Sunday school teacher mentioned that it had been a long time since Angels, Prophets and revelation had been given to the Jewish community at that time. So was it surprise? Oh no doubt.

  3. Bryce is such a great guy and even though there hasn’t been a lot of new content on TempleStudy lately, you can read and re-read through the archives and find new nuggets all the time. The archive alone is worth sending people here for, it’s a fantastic resource.

    The title of this article and the name “Zacharias” alone were enough to hit me with some really interesting thoughts and impressions. Well done, Toby. Thanks for the insights!

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