1. This is way cool! Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I’m not to the point where running is a spiritual thing, or even a love, but I hope to get there someday. I really think God designed us to be able to run and that there are strong spiritual ties between the doctrine of being spiritually healthy and the less emphasized one of being physically healthy.

  2. Dave

    What a great article. Thank you for posting.

    I was trying to explain to my wife the other day why I think running can be so beautiful and fulfilling. I think your article explains it perfectly. It’s an amazing combination of physical, mental and spiritual that can’t be duplicated.

    Thanks again.

  3. Todd

    I had just been pondering this topic right before seeing this post. I was thinking about how I am a better person physically and spiritually when I run. I ran a half marathon in September, but then petered out when winter arrived. I haven’t run for several months now, and was thinking that I needed to get back into it. For me, the major benefits are the quiet reflection during the run where I am alone with my thoughts (I don’t listen to music for this reason), and the energy boost throughout the remainder of the day.

    Very timely post for me.

  4. Thanks for the article. I learned many years ago that the word of wisdom is so much more than just not smoking, etc. Like the scripture says, if we have to be commanded in all things, we are slothful. I hate to say it, but we have WAY too many LDS people that are overweight and/or in poor physical condition. Many do not think this affects their spirituality, but there is a very strong connection. Brigham Young said the health of the body does affect the spirit. It is the spirit that brings the body into subjection, and by so doing, one strengthens the spirit. I can truly testify that eating properly and consistent exercise has been priceless for my spiritual growth, yes great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures.

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