1. Trevor

    The streaming will actually be video as well as audio, but since Powerpoints don’t usually turn out very well through streaming, we usually just advertise audio, so as to pleasantly surprise rather than disappoint.

    And we’ve actually used Ustream in the past, but this time we’re using a custom solution in order to stream to the wider range of devices and not have any ads. Thanks for the offer to help, though. 🙂

  2. Trevor

    By the way, I can provide a better picture for this post, if you’d like. The one you’re using makes it look like the audience was very sparse! 🙂

  3. Trevor

    Oh, one other thing – there is not really a limit on the number of streaming tickets. The quantity available is just something required by the bookstore software. We’d love to reset it if the arbitrary number chosen sells out. 🙂

  4. Great news all around!! Thank you Trevor! Yes, please send me another image, an I’d be happy to use it. (My photo was well before the conference began.)

  5. It might be better to tell streaming participants that they are going to get video and audio, and you might get many more people that sign up. Of course, you could mention that the slides may not be visible. 🙂 Will it be in HD?

  6. Clark

    Is the video going to be posted to YouTube? I’ve noticed more and more people doing that off late. (SMPT did that with their recent B. H. Roberts seminar)

  7. Trevor

    I would not expect HD unless the venue the conference is held at has made major changes to their pricing structure. 🙂

  8. Marike Keuning

    May I ask if this broadcasting is going to be done under the Church and its authorityt? Because so far nothing that comes from and through the Holy Spirit has other then a certain practical price, but never a financial price.

  9. Hi Marike. FAIR is an independent organization, completely separate from the Church. You are welcome to visit FAIRlds.org to get an idea for what their organization is all about. Their mission is to sustain and defend the LDS Church, its doctrines, and scriptures. As with many things in this world, that mission requires financial means to accomplish.

  10. Bonnie

    I’m a bit technology challenged. When you say it is available for streaming, does that mean I have to watch it at the time it is streamed or can I download it and watch it later? I so want to watch everything, but am unavailable for part of the time it will be .

  11. Trevor

    That is correct. There will also be mp3 files available in the bookstore for listening to if you’d prefer. And transcripts of many of the talks get posted on the FAIR website as they become available.

  12. Trevor

    OK, since we’ve had a few people now ask about not being able to watch it all live, we’ve decided to make archived content available for a limited time beginning a few days after the conference for those that pay for streaming. So if you do miss parts of it (or all of it, if you’re on the other side of the world) you can catch up later when it’s more convenient for you.

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