1. Don Bradley

    Sadly, I didn’t see this announcement till tonight, after the fireside.

    How can I be notified of future firesides? And where are they held?


  2. Hi Don! You can see a recording of tonight’s fireside here:

    To be notified of future firesides, you can follow this site by RSS or email updates (see right-hand sidebar). I try to post an announcement (like this one) a few days before. The firesides are held at the comfort of your own personal computer. If you want to participate in the discussion, you need to have a computer with a webcam, or an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Andoid device with Google+ installed. You should have a Google+ account too. Let me know if you’re interested in participating in the next fireside, and I’ll shoot you a note to see if you’d like to join with us.

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