1. Joshua Pettus

    Thanks for sharing… I doubt the Church has ever had video made of the inside of the SLC Temple until now. The last photos that the Church made inside were probably a few decades ago. It’s great to see this, but surprising as well. I’m happy to see that as the world gets to know us better, we’re being much more open about who we are, what we believe, and what really goes on inside our temples. It’s really nice.

    Bryce, it might be worth a blog post on the history of photography of both inside and outside the temples. It seems like years ago this was very rare, but now has become much more common as we build more and more temples. It seems to be that the more and more we seem to be leaving obscurity, the more comfortable we are with being open about such things.

  2. Chad

    @Joshua, The recent addition to the South visitor’s center on Temple Square included a model of the temple where you can see the interior, plus several touch-screen kiosks with videos of interior shots. The one of the Celestial Room in the Salt Lake Temple is used at the visitor’s center. The other interior shots of other temples look like the B-rolls compiled for temple open houses.

    I would assume that any modification of the temple where they paint over woodwork (as they did in SLC) or significantly changing the ceiling (recently the Laie and Idaho Falls temple) would have as a standard practice to take before and after photos for the Church and temple archives. That’s just a guess. I also assume that the reason most the behind-the-scenes temple construction, design choices and so on aren’t publicly available is to ensure the body of the Church focuses on worship of God in the temple rather than adoration of the temple.

  3. Chad

    Also, the church film “Mountain of the Lord” has magnificent shots of the inside of the Salt Lake Temple. Much of the music from that film was used in this short youtube film.

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