1. Reed Russell

    Very interesting – thanks –
    especially because I had just recently read this quote:

    I have long held the view that the universe is built on symbols
    whereby one thing bespeaks another;
    the lesser testifying of the greater,
    lifting our thoughts from man to God,
    from earth to heaven,
    from time to eternity.

    Elder Orson F. Whitney
    Improvement Era 30:85l

  2. Thank you for the article! Yesterday I have read it.
    Today during Sacrament meeting I took symbols of body and blood of the Lord. And then I’ve seen those two hieroglyphic words – neheh and djet. And inside of them I’ve recognized water and loaf of bread!
    It is interesting, I thought, to see that through bread and water – through body and blood of Christ or through the atoning sacrifice of the Son of God – we can gain God’s blessings for time and eternity…

    Could there be a connection between the familiar for all of us symbols of water and bread and the Egyptian neheh and djet?

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