1. Reed Russell

    Very interesting – thanks –
    especially because I had just recently read this quote:

    I have long held the view that the universe is built on symbols
    whereby one thing bespeaks another;
    the lesser testifying of the greater,
    lifting our thoughts from man to God,
    from earth to heaven,
    from time to eternity.

    Elder Orson F. Whitney
    Improvement Era 30:85l

  2. Thank you for the article! Yesterday I have read it.
    Today during Sacrament meeting I took symbols of body and blood of the Lord. And then I’ve seen those two hieroglyphic words – neheh and djet. And inside of them I’ve recognized water and loaf of bread!
    It is interesting, I thought, to see that through bread and water – through body and blood of Christ or through the atoning sacrifice of the Son of God – we can gain God’s blessings for time and eternity…

    Could there be a connection between the familiar for all of us symbols of water and bread and the Egyptian neheh and djet?

  3. John Lundwall

    Seems to me to be two cosmological images readily seen by looking in the sky. Nhh is the time that is recurrent and cyclical which matches the changing stars of the ecliptic throughout the year. Meanwhile, Dt is eternal and unending, which is seen as the circumpolar stars that never set.

    In ancient cosmologies the “Earth” was really the integration of the horizon with the sky. In fact the hieroglyph for Nhh seems to be an artistic rendition of the two knot points of the sun on the horizon, i.e. the solstices, with the equinotical sun in-between. As the stars change behind the rising of the sun during these days throughout the year this is seen as recurring yet cyclical. This is the temporal earth amidst eternity.

    The other glpyh shows the cobra above the earth, perhaps another artistic rendition of the stars that never set and are therefore the enduring and unending space of eternity which stands over the Earth, these are the “waters above” which helped birthed the temporal plane.

    Credit to Dave Butler who pointed out the suggestion that “time” and “eternity” could be imagined as the ecliptic and the circumpolar stars.

    In any case, great article and it certainly gets one thinking.

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