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The Importance of Temple Work

Last week I was asked by our bishop to present a 10-15 minute portion of a lesson today on the importance of temple work in our combined priesthood/relief society meeting. Our stake is preparing for a “temple month” theme for January, and our meeting today was meant to inspire us to be thinking about family […]

Living the Law of Consecration – Part 2: The Law & The United Order

(Continued from Part 1) One of the common misconceptions concerning the law of consecration is that it is often conflated with the United Order.  When we think that these two are one and the same thing we run into difficulties understanding them.  When we don’t properly understand the law, we can’t live it.  When we […]

Salt Lake Temple Symbols

There is an article this morning in the Mormon Times about the symbolism in the architecture of the Salt Lake Temple.  It is written by Lynn Arave who used as a reference Dean R. Zimmerman’s article in the New Era entitled “The Salt Lake Temple” from June 1978. The article cites a brief description and […]

Hypaethral – A Roofless Temple

I came across a new word today in my inbox – hypaethral (\hye-PEETH-rul\).  Webster defines this adjective as: 1  : having a roofless central space 2  : open to the sky What caught my interest was that this word is applied mostly to ancient temples.  The example sentence that was given was: During our tour […]

Final SANE Symposium Videos Available

The last of the lectures given at the SANE Symposium have been made available online.  They are all listed at this link: Some of the lectures are only currently available on YouTube, but will be also be made available uncut on Google Video in the coming days.

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