Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Christmas Story and the Temple

Recently I’ve been pondering the place of the temple in the Christmas story.  Last week my wife and I attended the Conference Center performance of Savior of the World which was very well done and depicted the birth and resurrection of Christ.  One of the first scenes involved the temple at Jerusalem.  As I have […]

Only a Stonecutter

A new short film by Excel Entertainment and T.C. Christensen has been released entitled “Only a Stonecutter: One Man’s Sacrifice to Build the House of the Lord.”  The film tells the story about John Rowe Moyle and how for 20 years he walked 22 miles from Alpine to Salt Lake to work as a stone […]

Temple Lights Guide Pilots?

I’m curious.  I’ve heard these stories before about the lights from the temple guiding pilots in the night so that they can properly align themselves for landing at a nearby airport.  When the lights aren’t there, the pilots complain and the air traffic control calls the temple wondering why the lights are out. The latest […]

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