1. LDS Desert Kid

    I got an early christmas gift of family genealogy book that tells the indepth story of one of my great, great, great grandfather – Welcome Chapman – who also worked on the several early Utah Temples as a master stonecutter with several of his sons.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, I value your work highly.
    I have learned very much from your web site.
    Than your have a Merry Christmas
    Than templestudy go right ahead for a long time
    An assiduous reader, Juan Reta
    Forgive my English, I speak Spanish.

  3. Lari

    I am a great great grandaughter of John Moyle and have treasured his story for many years. This video is so well done! Several years ago I drew a picture representing his life and used the handcart statue on temple square as a reference. Several years later at a family reunion I found out that his likeness was use to make the statue. I am so grateful for this video!!!!!

  4. John Webster

    I’m not sure this is the right place to ask this question but I have been online looking for the answer and can not find it. How was the granite cut so precisely (technique) I teach gospel doctrine and one of the questions that came up is how did they do such esquisite work with the stone. Clearly stone cutting was done anciently but the pioneers had little to work with. What did they do to quary the stone and the engineer it so precisely. If you have some online information it would be useful to me.

    Thanks very much

    John Webster

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