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April 2013 Ensign Teaches about Deification and Theosis

Some people argue that the Church doesn’t officially teach that we believe that man can become like God (sometimes termed deification or theosis). Such a claim is simply untrue. I clearly remember teaching the doctrine as a missionary; it was on the very first page of the first discussion. Most Christians already believe that God […]

Book of Mormon Testimony Translator

A friend of mine, Steven Lloyd, has put together a great new tool and website.  It is the Book of Mormon Testimony Translator, otherwise known as BOMTT.com.  The site has one simple purpose, to help any member of the Church easily translate their testimony of the Book of Mormon into any other language, so that […]

Mormon Temples Made Simple Video

Because of the sacred nature of the ordinances that members of the Church perform in temples, it can be difficult sometimes for us to describe to others what the temple is and what we do inside. I thought the video embedded below gave a good introduction to the temple.  You can watch it below (on […]

Mormon Thoughts on the Temple – Round #2

A few days ago I posted a request for thoughts on the temple.  I’ve received a few messages from some readers, but not as many as I would like.  We’d really like to hear from more of you.  I think this could be a very powerful missionary tool for all of us. What does the […]

Mormon Thoughts About the Temple Using Google Voice

So, we’re going to try something a little different and creative, something that I haven’t seen done anywhere else on the internet, and certainly not in the Bloggernacle, so we’re setting a new precedent here.  You get to hear so much from me, but we don’t often get to hear from you, the readers, except […]

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