1. Hey Dave! Thanks for the comment. I guess great minds think alike. I like your thoughts on your blog on the subject.

    It’s amazing to me what this world runs after in vain. Much of it is utterly worthless. When we think about these questions, the ultimate ones, we start to get the feeling for what things really matter in life, and what we are here for. All the rest is merely a wash, the corruptible things that exist for but an instant.

    Those things that matter the most are those that will last for eternity.

  2. I have my various theories about why the vast majority of people don’t seem to contemplate these ultimate questions of life. One theory is the rise of urbanization and subsequent light pollution making the starry night sky disappear to most earth dwellers, I think there is something about the full starry sky that causes men to ponder and think deeply about their existence. (I’ve blogged about that as well). My other theory is the removal of death out of the home and into sequestered places where most people do not have regular contact, i.e. nursing homes and hospitals. I think we have in essence removed death from our normal society, whereas for most the world’s population and over most of human history death has had a very real and constant presence in villages and communities, keeping that ultimate question “is this all there is?” on the forefront of the mind.

  3. Good thoughts. Nibley sure had a lot to say on this subject. I think one of his life missions was to convince members of the Church to take their religion more seriously. We aren’t put here on earth to make a dollar, build a bigger home, drive a fancier car, and eat a bigger lunch. Nibley always said that the lunch is free (or at least the price varies), God has provided that to us. So now, what do we do with our time? What do we do that is really lasting, stable, and enduring?

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