1. Agreed. I would love to do more cleaning assignments, and am always wishing that I was able to do temple sessions or drive the Elders when they ask in Priesthood meeting.

    That, and I think I would love Primary callings! But I am content with what the Lord has given me. It is great in itself.

  2. I would suggest that we be thankful that this is a lay church, we have members serving in callings, first,because we
    are called by revelation, 2nd, for our individual growth. Any position in the Church is what we make of it,no matter how humble it may seem,be it a ward(branch), stake (district), area or other position. Whether you are a member or priesthood holder in Primary, a quorum President, teacher, home or visiting teacher,or any other; you are important to the life of the Church. The Lord will equip us in our callings as needed, from what some might
    call from the least to the greatest, all are meant to serve others. The Lord will call us as needed to add our gifts to
    the good of all.

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