1. Baptism and reception of the Gift of the Holy Ghost is in essence a “washing and anointing” prepatory to becoming members of the Kingdom of God.
    Studying any fraternal organization or mystery religion shows many parallels to our idea of initiation and endowment.
    Something funny I just thought while typing…
    When we find evidence of Greek and pagan ideas in other Christianity, it’s b/c of the Apostasy,
    When we find it in our Church, it’s called the scattered fragments that have been restored.

  2. Morgan

    I know I’m showing up to this more than six years late, but reading Brother Nibley’s comments here reminded me of articles I’ve read about the Gobekli Tepe site in Southern Turkey- considered to be the oldest temple found, it is now believed that religion did not come about to meet the needs of man once they became civilized, but that the need to gather and worship is what made banding together in permanent societies necessary.

    As the following article shows, there is growing evidence that the temple came first, and that domestication of animals and grains- mankinds first ‘revolution’- came as a consequence.

    Once again, Hugh Nibley was ahead of his time, showing that everything we take for granted in our societies originated from the sacred space where our ancestors pondered this life and the next.

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