1. You are uncanny. This is the 3rd time that I have read about a particular subject on my own, and then to find a post the next day on your site about it.
    About 2 days ago, I read the FARMS article you quoted, “Girded About with a Lambskin”. I like the connection made in that paper between “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and apostate religion’s imitation of the true order of worship.

  2. I once read about synchronicities in a book called The Holographic Universe. I found it a very interesting concept, as I too have been reading or thinking about a subjects and then have been surprised when suddenly they pop into my life. Once I even wrote quite a long paper that I entitled, “The Modern Worldview from Plato’s Cave,” which introduced some of these subjects. I think there is much more going on in our daily reality than we casually recognize, and the quantum physicists are leading the way. One particular modern theory about “wholeness” describes our universe as a “whole in every part” rather than the popular view of parts that make up the whole. This has a very familiar ring to Joseph’s (and the temple’s) teaching that all truth will be circumscribed into one great whole.

  3. David Larsen

    Another great post, Bryce. I am currently writing a paper on evidences for non-levitical priesthood in Ancient Israel, including the priestly activities of the Davidic kings, and this gives me some more good ideas. There really was so much going on in the religion of the ancient Israelites that is obscured in the biblical text that we have inherited. Good stuff!

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