1. Ok Bryce, I am an old guy, and this kind of stuff is hard for me to get. I think I can see something here, but so as not to prove how stupid I am, I would like to see your and others comments on this to see if I am on the right track.

  2. lol… Well, I see several things going on. Nemo is “anointed” with some plant branches as he ascends to the summit of a “mount.” There he has to state his name, undergo a trial or test, and receive a new name, “Sharkbait,” in order to become “one” with the others “in the fraternal bonds of tankhood.” Those Pixar guys are clever…

  3. But put in the context of a temple blog like this, you have got to be seeing something else.
    Here are a couple of my hints:
    Passing through a veil
    Getting a new name
    Passing from darkness into the light
    I could go on.

  4. If you want to really see an animated film with a hidden Messianic message watch Robots. I watched it with my grandson, and at the end, the whole story hit me. Little robot boy comes to parents who wanted a child, they assemble him, he grows up showing leadership abilities, then organizes a group of followers, who combat evil. At the end, he saves all the Robot population. Wow! See what you think.

  5. LOL. Now I’ll never be able to watch a Disney movie again without relating it to the Gospel. Thats ok, I seem to do it with just about everything else according to what our priesthood quorom tells me.

    Hopefully my first time through the temple won’t be as confusing as Nemo’s 😀

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