1. Michael Towns


    Just a quick note to say thank you for your wonderful blog. Also, thanks for bringing up the Prop 8 issue in California.

    I’ve often thought what it would take to get members excited about following specific counsel from latter day prophets. They have been pretty clear about Prop 8; it doesn’t get any more “clear-cut” than this. Yet I have definitely seen this issue become a wedge among some of us. I recall President Benson said back in the mid-80s that there would be a “sifting” among the membership of the church. Perhaps we are seeing a partial fulfillment of his prophecy in this political “re-definition” of marriage. I also remember that President Lee said that the actions of the church might contradict your political beliefs. If so, then Prop 8 is an opportunity for people to find out where they really stand: with the prophets of God or not.

  2. In our quest for greater light and knowledge we sometimes forget the first law of heaven is obedience and sacrifice. When a prophet of God asks us to support we simply must learn to sacrifice our pride and will to that of the will of the Lord, spoken through his humble service and be obedient to his call. Such is the case with Prop 8. The division in the church over the issue makes me mindful of what the war in Heaven must have been like.

    Thank you for your support and post on this important issue.

  3. Chad

    I think that it is interesting that the all the animals are facing God between the two main trees but the lions and the oxen. They seem to stand between the inner sanctuary (between the trees) and the other animals. Perhaps a reflection of the roles of the tribes of Judah and Ephraim?

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