1. Great talk! I love the insights about the word “Prophet”. I especially loved both of the quotes you used to illustrate your point that our prophet does “forth tell.” I remember both prophetic warnings that Elder Maxwell and President Hinckley gave. Even though I believe the words that our prophets speak come from the Lord, it always seems to amaze me when I can actually see the prophecies being fulfilled before my eyes.

  2. Steve

    Seriously, I LOVE this site and what you are doing for the Temple and LDS Doctrine. The site is very cleanly designed and the information is well-researched and thought-out. This site is a perfect example of how the internet should be used. A regular member of the church leading the charge in defending the doctrines of the gospel with class and humility. The impact of this site as it spreads among members and friends of our faith will be incalculable.

  3. Thanks Inthedoghouse and Steve for your kind comments. I hope this site can be a sort of refuge from the storm of inaccurate and misleading information about the temple on the internet. There is a lot of garbage out there, but it is mostly based in ignorance. Those who are well-read about temple history and ritual worship know that our temple tradition has extensive support in biblical truths, and even parallel practices among many of our neighbors. I like to share what I find as I learn.

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