1. I believe that Between Heaven and Earth is one of my favorite Church videos. I have shown it to numerous people and each time they have come away with a different feeling about the LDS people and Temples. I believe that the publicity that is being thrown our way is the perfect time to allow more teaching about LDS temples in precisely the manner you have done. Great post.

  2. Brad N.

    I am saddened to hear of Prof. Stendahl’s passing. I remember reading his comments to the press several years ago. I was not only impressed by what he had to say on that occasion but also by what he had to say in our own Encyclopedia of Mormonism. He wrote the entry concerning Baptism for the Dead, if I remember correctly. He truly must have been a man of the highest moral and intellectual integrity to receive the invitation to contribute, as a non-member, to such a publication. I will have to see what more I can learn of him.

  3. Lee

    I was glad to hear of his passing (at a goodly age) because I knew he was now hearing the truth and could embrace the Restored Gospel if he would.

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