1. Floyd, good one. I’ll have to see if I can find the New World temples approx. dates, and add them in.

    Larry, do you have dates on the Arad temple? FAIR says it is from the 10th century BC to 1st century AD.

  2. larryco_

    In the 9th century BCE, a new citadel was built, surrounded by a massive, 4 m.-thick wall. This citadel, with various modifications, remained in use until the Babylonian conquest of the Kingdom of Judah in 587/6 BCE.

    The Israelite Temple
    Located in the northwestern corner of the citadel, the temple comprised three rooms along an east-west axis: ulam (entrance hall), heichal (main hall), and dvir (holy-of-holies). To reach the dvir three steps had to be mounted to an elevated platform, on which a one-meter high stone stele, painted red, stood. Stone altars, 50 cm. high, flanked both sides of the entrance to the dvir. The tops of the altars were concave and in them burnt organic material was found. At the center of the large courtyard in front of the temple was an altar built of bricks and stone, measuring 2.5 x 2.5 m. (5 x 5 biblical amot). It was probably similar to the altar described in the Bible (Deut. 27:5) and to that in the Temple in Jerusalem. (II Chronicles 6:13)

    -from jewish virtual library

  3. I’ve made several updates to the timeline. I’m still looking for details about the following temples to add: Mizpah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nob, Ephraim, Ophrah, Gibeah, and Shechem/Mt. Gerizim (Samaritan).

  4. This timeline is awesome, Bryce! And especially so now that you added all the other temples — I have never seen them all depicted on any timeline before. Very nice images and professional look! Thanks a bunch!

  5. Thanks David. Let me know if you see anything I may have left out or got wrong. I want to keep it updated and current. I may even expand it beyond AD 100.

    I’m still looking for more details about these temples: Mizpah, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nob, Ephraim, Ophrah, Gibeah, and Shechem/Mt. Gerizim (Samaritan). They are mentioned in the Solomon’s Temple book.

  6. Steve

    Very well done, Bryce. Just one more great tool to help people in their personal understanding of the temples of the Lord. This continues to be one of my favorite sites on the web! I never miss any post you publish, thank you so very much for all the time and effort you devote to helping people all around the world appreciate the House of the Lord.

  7. I’ve updated the timeline again. On the suggestion of a friend, I’ve decided to make this strictly an Old World temples timeline, so I’ve removed the few references to temples in the New World. I may make a separate timeline which compiles what we know of temples in the Book of Mormon. I’ve added some details about the ruling parties in Judea between 515 BC and AD 100. I’ve also added a visual reconstruction of what the Elephantine Temple may have looked like. Other small details have also been added.

  8. Wow, this looks great! Very professional looking and very informative. I’ve never seen a temple history laid out so well. What software did you use to make it?
    You mentioned you had created a separate timeline for the New World, but I couldn’t see a link to it. Have you put it up?
    I would love to see a continued history after 100A.D.
    Great work!

  9. Thanks Brandon! I used Adobe Illustrator to design it. I’m a designer by profession.

    I haven’t made a timeline yet for the New World. The biggest difficulty is that there are not many details about the temples in the New World. We only know about 3-4 of them, and most we don’t have details of their construction (dates in particular). So it may be hard for me to make one for the New World.

    I would like to extend this one beyond A.D. 100…

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