1. Thanks Brother Haymond! I know I was one of those people who asked this question, and I’m grateful for the reply you gave me. I look forward to your thoughts.

  2. Steve

    “It strikes us differently than anything else we have participated in, and for good reason. The temple experience does not belong to this world…”

    I think this is one of the most important things that people should understand about the temple. You SHOULD feel as though you are stepping into something foreign, the temple should NEVER feel like anything of the world. You’re in the Lord’s house, not a movie theater!

    One of my personal observations on symbolism in particular is the connection between symbolism and revelation. I think that the level of symbolism used anywhere is directly connected to the level of revelation required to understand the teaching. The immersive, highly symbolic environment of the temple indicates to me that there is a high level of revelatory teaching meant to happen there. The temples are, in a way, monuments to revelation, the whole environment and experience being designed by God to draw us into direct communication with him. I think it can be fairly easy to describe and understand the purpose of the temple, the challenge is to use it’s many different applications properly and effectively in our lives.

    We have to learn how the Spirit teaches through symbols, then the temple can become a great urim and thummim to us. I think if you can wrap your mind around the fact that EVERYthing in the temple is symbolic and that you understand that you’re starting a journey into a new way of learning that will take you places that you have never dreamed, then your first trip to the temple can be what it should: A journey of awe and an appreciation of the majesty and glory of God.

  3. Jude Hunter


    Though this was written a decade ago, I want you to know how appreciative I am of your thoughts here. I have a daughter that will be going through the temple for the first time soon. I am DEFINITELY going to ask her to not only read this, but let me know what her thoughts are on what you said here. Thank you so much for your thoughts on symbolism and their connection to revelation. These will surely change my next temple experience.

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