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Inside the Newly Remodeled Mexico City Temple

Mike Batie has put together another very nice video of the interiors of the newly remodeled Mexico City Temple from the Church’s official publicity photos.  Take a look.

A Prophet Declares “Redistribution of Wealth” is Socialism

I usually do not post on political themes, but I could not pass up sharing these words of a prophet of God, particularly when they are so in tune with current political ideologies. Below is a YouTube video of President Ezra Taft Benson speaking about socialism on April 12, 1977. (post continues below) Since President […]

The Economic Crisis Hits Home

My employer just let go 1/3 of our workforce today, which amounts to 7 employees, some of which were good friends.  I am grateful and fortunate that I still have my job.  They will also be discontinuing our national retail brand and line of products, for which I have spent thousands of hours working over […]

The Meaning of the Church of the First-Born

I was reading tonight a talk by Truman G. Madsen entitled, “Foundations of Temple Worship,” which he gave at a BYU-Idaho Devotional on October 26, 2004, shortly after the ordination of Elder David A. Bednar to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The talk is excellent, and highly recommended reading (or listening).  There was one […]

The First and Oldest Temple in the World? – Göbekli Tepe

Grandpa Enoch over at Pronaos wrote a few days ago that Archaeology Magazine‘s latest issue has a cover article by Sandra Scham entitled “The World’s First Temple”.  The magazine Science also did an article on the same subject back in January 2008.  There are many articles that are being published, all focused on one archeological […]

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