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Ancient Israelite Temples Timeline (1300 BC—AD 100)

Ancient Israelite Temples Timeline (1300 BC—AD 100) by Bryce Haymond is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. That means you can use this graphic however you please, as long as you attribute the original work to me and this website, and any derivatives must be licensed the same. See the […]

Excellent Panoramas of Temple Square

I’ve featured 360° panoramas of Temple Square before, those created by Dr. William Hamblin, but a few more can’t hurt.  And these ones are very good indeed. Created by Martin van Hemert Photography, Inc., at, these full-screen panoramas include 360° images of the plaza, the Tabernacle, the Assembly Hall, the North-West corner of the […]

The Doctrine of Continual Revelation

The emails I receive these days give me ample opportunity to teach the gospel. Below is my response to a fundamentalist. I will explain why you do not understand the doctrine of continual revelation, and why it is leading you away from the truth. First, a scripture: And I do this that I may prove […]

Access the Scriptures via SMS Text or Instant Message

I’m always looking for better ways of accessing, searching, and reading the scriptures.  They are truly the words of eternal life.  Whenever I hear of a new way of encountering the scriptures, I check it out. is an online version of the scriptures that now allows you to text message (SMS) or instant message […]

Are Church Leaders Accountable to the Membership?

I received an email today which highlights a serious error which I believe runs rampant among some members of the Church, especially those I encounter online. Here are some excerpts from the email which demonstrate the issue: … You should allow this point to be made.  You can always oppose that point, but to suppress […]

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